Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s election night remarks

11/7/2013, 2:39 p.m.

Ladies and gentleman, give it up for the next first lady of New York City!My fellow New Yorkers, today, you spoke out loudly and clearly for a new direction in our city, united by a belief that our city should leave no New Yorker behind.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in the campaign and humbled by it. And let me say to all of you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

But let me be clear: Our work—all of our work—is really just beginning. And we have no illusions about the task that lies ahead.

Tackling inequality isn’t easy; it never has been and never will be. The challenges we face have been decades in the making, and the problems we set out to address will not be solved overnight.  

But make no mistake: The people of this city have chosen a progressive path, and tonight we set forth on it, together, as one city.  

Estamos muy orgullosos de lo que hemos logrado en esta campaña. Seré claro: Nuestro trabajo acaba de empezár. Los problemas de nuestra ciudad no serán fácil de resolver. Pero, una cosa es clara: la gente de esta ciudad ha elegido el camino progresista, y esta noche empezámos a caminar, juntos, como una sola ciudad.

To everyone who knocked on doors, made phone calls, persuaded your friends, held house parties or even tweeted about the campaign, this victory is yours! Thank you so much!

There are so many inspiring individuals and organizations, so many friends who made this victory possible. If I mentioned each name, we’d be here all night; you know who you are, and you know I wouldn’t be here without you.  

I do want to acknowledge two close friends who guided and advised me at every turn, even when the polls didn’t look so hot. Please give it up for Ambassador Patrick Gaspard and Nick Baldick.

And I want to say how grateful I am to Bill Hyers and Emma Wolfe and the best campaign team this city has ever seen!

And a special thank you to two people who have helped me since my first run for City Council here in this neighborhood: Gabrielle Fialkoff and Jim Crounse.  

But the people I am most grateful to and most grateful for are standing right next to me. My partner in life, my best friend in the world, she is brilliant and every bit as compassionate as she is tough. The love of my life: Chirlane McCray!

And of everything I have to feel fortunate about, I am most lucky to be the father of two extraordinary children: Chiara and Dante. They make me proud every single day. And they’re very stylish.  

Tonight I feel the deepest appreciation for generations of my family, including those no longer with us, and a special thank you to my Italian family and friends in Rome, and in my grandfather’s hometown of Sant’Agata de’ Goti and my grandmother’s hometown of Grassano. To them I say, grazie a tutti!

Earlier this evening, I received a call from Joe Lhota. Even though we have our differences, I know he loves this city as much as I do. To everyone whose vote I didn’t earn today: I promise that I won’t stop working to earn your trust.