Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s election night remarks

11/7/2013, 2:39 p.m.

That’s how we all rise together.

New York is no stranger to big challenges. We’ve faced the depths of the Depression, we’ve stared down the hateful destruction of terrorists, we’ve endured the ferocity of gale-force winds and surging tides, and each and every time, New Yorkers have faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles with grit and determination and an unyielding commitment to one another, and we have always prevailed.  

The challenge before us today is different from any we’ve faced before: It has no distinct or dramatic catalyst, no insidious face, no electronic image on a radar map. The growing inequality we see, the crisis of affordability we face, it has been decades in the making, but its slow creep upon this city cannot weaken our resolve. And it won’t.

The people of our city come from so many different places, with so many different stories. By our nature, we are clear-eyed and realistic. Yet we stand united—united by a shared hope, a shared optimism, a shared faith that there’s no problem bigger than our city, no adversity more powerful than the might of our collective ideas and action.

New York’s resilience is legendary, our toughness is unmatched, and our will is unbreakable. So I say to you tonight: The road ahead will be difficult, but it will be traveled; progressive changes won’t happen overnight, but they will happen; there will be many obstacles that stand in our way, but we will overcome them. And know this: I will never stop fighting for the city I love and we all love so much. And I will never forget that as mayor, I work for you.

And we as New Yorkers, people whose stories wouldn’t be possible anywhere else on earth, we know that we are not defined by the cold steel of our skyscrapers, but by the strength and compassion and boldness of our collective spirit. 

We are all at our best when every child, every parent, every New Yorker has a shot. And we reach our greatest heights when we all rise together.  

Thank you and God bless you!