Former Mayor Dinkins out of the hospital and on the road to recovery

Herb Boyd | 11/14/2013, 4:44 p.m.
David N. Dinkins

Former Mayor David Dinkins was released from New York Presbyterian Hospital last Wednesday after being treated for pneumonia. Dinkins, 86, was hospitalized on Oct. 10 and is now on the road to full recovery.

And “road” is the operative word with Dinkins, who, a week later, has already attended several meetings, according to Peter Johnson Jr., his law partner.

“He’s doing much better,” Johnson told the Amsterdam News on Wednesday afternoon. “As keenly alert as ever and probably resisting all of his wife’s advice to take it easy and get some rest.”

Johnson said he wasn’t sure when Dinkins would return to the classroom at Columbia University, where he teaches, but added, “His book tour was completed by the time he entered the hospital.” Dinkins’ memoir, “A Mayor’s Life,” was recently featured on C-SPAN.

The doctors prescribed Dinkins at least a week of bed rest, but getting a man who has been perpetually on the run and on the tennis courts to cut his often hectic pace isn’t easy.

“I guess you can say he’s about 95 percent back to normal,” Johnson quipped, and that is a dramatic and remarkable turnaround for a man his age. Dinkins was the city’s first African-American mayor, from 1990-1993. ”I’m doing all right but my doctors have ordered to take it easy and to that extent I have not returned to the classroom and my son has done two of my radio shows. This is what happens to you when you get to be my age,” Dinkins said Wednesday afternoon.