Ken Burns: De Blasio will settle ‘Central Park Five’ case

Nayaba Arinde | , Stephon Johnson | 11/14/2013, 1:13 p.m.
Central Park 5 Justice Bill Moore Photos

From youth rallies to community events, the young men can be seen out and about supporting various causes.

For decades, the community has rallied around the exonerated five men too. The tragic, real-life, boys-to-men story revolves around this horrendous crime, the atrocious conviction and devious, profitable career-building of key prosecuting players amidst the ongoing suffering of the Central Park Five and their families.

The internet is abuzz with support for the five men.

Responding to a post on Facebook by Salaam, the Rev. Wayne M. Weathers stated, “It’s about time! I pray true justice comes in the form of a great monetary blessing for your mistreatment and false imprisonment.”

Salaam concluded, “If you look a the history of Bloomberg, he worked at Solomon Brothers. The Central Park jogger worked at Solomon Brothers. Even if it wasn’t at the same time, they had worked for the same company, so he wasn’t going to do something about this case on his watch. He was trying to drag this out, hoping something would happen to us. But the whole city saw, and what he failed to realize was that the more he held out, the more positive history continues to be written. People are saying that they want better relations with the police and the community, but that is not happening. Bloomberg doesn’t see that if he says, ‘If we show that we can bend and show that we are human too,’ that would benefit everyone and show the people that they had a real interest in justice.”