Obamacare—A legacy to remember or to forget?

Herb Boyd | , Elinor Tatum | 11/14/2013, 4:38 p.m.

That statement was sent in October. In November, we received the following from the same person: “I officially despise Obama! He single-handedly f—d up whatever health system we had and made the worst mess possible. None of my doctors participate in the new plans … the insurance I had doesn’t contract with any of the doctors I have. I hate the guy! … What a scumbag! I paid for my insurance, and now to get less, I have to pay more. He is hurting people, not helping! Anyway, I gotta find ways to cheat the system, [because] I’m not playing that guy’s games.”

While this individual has had many issues, those issues are being exacerbated by the right wing and the conservative media, who are looking for the flaws and trying to exploit them.

Perhaps the president should have been more forthcoming with the possible snags in the program, but much of this was unknown territory, a place no other president had ever been, so even under the best circumstances, there were sure to be unforeseen obstacles. And practically from the very beginning, when a trial run revealed some complex flaws even for the best programmers, the administration should have taken serious notice to remedy the glitch before it became a gulch.

There is still a good chance ACA can live up to all that it promised for the nearly 50 million Americans without any insurance. It clearly isn’t a perfect plan, but it has to be seen as a meaningful step in the right direction. The president may want to consider grandfathering all the policies that are in existence that currently don’t meet the ACA standards so that the promises he made can hold true, that if “you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.”

That way, a lot of the issues currently facing him would be resolved, and the task at hand would be to make sure the uninsured are insured and those who are not happy with their coverage can get better, more affordable care.

There are promises that the president has made that remain unfulfilled. This cannot be one of them. He must complete this promise to America lest his legacy run aground on the very thing he thought would be his claim to fame and something we would never forget.