LES Girls Club opens huge new space

Amity Paye | 11/21/2013, 3:40 p.m.

In the club’s planetarium, girls have the universe in their hands, literally, as they can control where they go in the universe with a handheld remote. Classes will be available for girls to study solar systems and star processes, and they will learn to build planetarium shows for the community with their new knowledge.

Maybe the most impressive, however, is the Center for Media and Social Justice, where girls will have political and electoral education classes that will have them take a look at the class, racial and social influences on their lives. Here, girls will not only have the world at their fingertips, they will be able to envision ways to better it.

Beyond the subject rooms that offer learning opportunities for the girls, each part of the center serves the community. The roof has both a garden and a farm, the kitchen houses the Culinary Education Center, and even the bathrooms are expertly designed by artists, who of course used youth helpers to implement their visions.

The new space also has offices for local groups affiliated with or working with girls in the center. These include the NYCHA Residential Employment Services program, the Moms Squad, NYC Civic Center, the Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping, Vito Latino and four foreign partners.