Couple carjacked at cemetery

Glenn Townes | 10/3/2013, 3:38 p.m.

In a blatant example of disrespecting the sacred, an elderly man and his wife were robbed, assaulted and carjacked on Sunday afternoon at an Essex County cemetery while visiting the gravesite of a relative, according to police reports.

The couple, who have not been identified, were from Morris County in north New Jersey and were approached by two young hoodlums while at a remote site at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, located on the border of East Orange and Newark. The thugs demanded cash, knocked the 75-year-old male victim to the ground, hit him with a baseball bat and slashed him in the face with a knife before snatching his car keys and driving off. Police later recovered the car in nearby Irvington with no signs of the carjackers. The victim remains hospitalized at an area hospital.

Police are continuing their investigation and are scouring area surveillance cameras for clues about the suspects.