The Cosmopolitan Review

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 10/31/2013, 1:58 p.m.

Now that fall is definitely in the air, I’ve decided that it’s not too early to get started with watching a little football. Feeling hyped that the Jets had just beat the New England Patriots on the previous evening, I settled in to watch the Minnesota Vikings versus, the New York Giants on Monday night.

For as much as I could keep my eyes open, it was a good game. The announcers were dogging Eli Manning while raving about the newcomer, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman. He’s young, fresh and throws the ball high. He’s got some work to do in terms of throwing the ball directly to the player he’s aiming to throw it to, but other than that, he will definitely become MVP material.

The Brooklyn Chapter of the Links Inc. celebrated their 60th anniversary with dinner and a dance at Terrace on the Park. The afternoon event is always such a lovely affair, with views from the terrace windows showcasing a wide, gorgeous vista.

The Links was first established in 1946 by a group of women of color who wanted to do something to enrich the lives of African-Americans and other persons of African ancestry. As part of a nationwide organization consisting of 12,000 professional women across the United States, District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, the Brooklyn Chapter was established in 1952. Since that time, the Brooklyn Chapter has created a legacy of their own.

Amongst their various endeavors is the Salute to Youth Inc., established in 1960. According to the mission statement, Salute to Youth aims to “promote academic excellence and create opportunities for college-bound students who are academically or artistically gifted.” Over the course of 40 years, since its inception in 1960, over $500,000 in scholarships has been awarded to over 600 students. Salute to Youth is the benefactor of the biennial dinner dance.

The chairpersons of the dinner dance were Evelyn Castro D’Arceuil, who also serves as first vice president, and Clotilde Guinier Stenson. The presiding president is Judge Cheryl E. Chambers. Other officers are Portia Gordon Ketosugbo, second vice president; Karen Abel-Bey, Esq., corresponding secretary; Theresa Tyson Manning, recording secretary; Tracy Cook-Person, assistant recording secretary; Eva Delsarte, treasurer; and Melissa Bonaldes, Esq., financial secretary. The Salute to Youth chair is Mari-Lynn Staton, Esq.; Evelyn Kalibala is vice chair; Cheryl Lewis-Smith is recording secretary; Sharon Myrie, Esq., is financial secretary; and Antoinette Lamb is treasurer.

The invitation to this year’s dinner dance included a lovely photo featuring the members, all dressed in white, looking lovely, committed and happy. The members, including alumnae, are Delrita Abercrombie, Doris Alexis, Nikki Bethel-Grant, Bobbye Butts, Dr. Sydney Butts, Gay Bullock, Jacqueline Charity, Jocelyn Cooper, Pamela DeLongoria, Marguerita Fletcher, Kitrena DuBose Foster, Terri Foster, Muriel Goode-Trufant, Esq., L. Celestine Grimes, Dr. Leslie Hayes, Ola Hightower, Frances Jacqueline Horne, Aarona McRae Jordan, Damli Kalibala, Jean Leach, Rubie Malone, Cassaundra Manning, Esq., Depelsha Thomas McGruder, Dorothy Nelson, Monique Nelson Nwachuku, Merriette Pollard, Yvonne Carroll Presha, Patricia Ramseur, Marilyn Reid, Sharon Simmons, Gwendolyn Simpson, Stephanie Smith, Katherine Solomon, Dr. Monica Sweeney, Nola Whiteman and Antonia Yuille Williams.