Syria is for dummies

Armstrong Williams | 9/5/2013, 12:45 p.m. | Updated on 9/5/2013, 12:45 p.m.
President Barack Obama learned nothing from the war failures of President George W. Bush. In fact, he continues to make ...
Armstrong Williams

President Barack Obama learned nothing from the war failures of President George W. Bush. In fact, he continues to make the same mistakes and worse under the cover of a sympathetic media and myrmidonic democrat electorate.

We absolutely should not directly intervene in Syria. There are two reasons why. One, the entire situation was brought on by reckless ad-libbing policy to the media, and two, we have no end-state objective.

Obama has only himself to blame for putting himself in this position. Back in May, the president declared a “red line” that cannot be crossed. That red line was the use of chemical weapons by Assad. Last week, it was discovered that chemical weapons had, in fact, been used during fighting in Damascus. Whether Assad’s forces, Syrian rebels or even a rogue element deployed them is not being asked in the West. Assad has already been found guilty, so no investigation is necessary.

Of course, the U.N., Russia, and China are asking for more time to actually investigate, but those are our enemies, and we cannot listen to them. The fact that the Syrian rebels are led by al Qaeda and have every reason to lie about the chemical attack is not important. What is important is ego. Obama said “red line,” and he means to enforce it.

The administration talked boldly and is now forced to use a big stick for fear that any other threat they make to rogue nations, like North Korea and Iran, is serious. The bluff was called, and now you have to show them your three, seven off-suit. It really should not come as a surprise, because U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Leon Poneta and Joe Biden have been beating the war drum on Syria for over a year—and many of you thought the Republicans were the war party. Outside John McCain, you hear nary a peep. Apparently, the conservatives learned their lesson from the misguiding neo-cons.

The president backed himself into the same position with Libya when he declared that Muammar Gaddafi must be removed. Never mind that NATO did not have a mandate to do so. By drawing the line in the sand, the U.S. was left with no choice but to lead the mission in Libya and make sure Gaddafi was replaced.

And we saw the result of that action: Benghazi. Because the U.S. and its allies did not have an end-goal beyond blowing stuff up, we lost an ambassador and several Americans who should have never been there in the first place. Libyan weapons and fighters have continued to migrate throughout Africa and the Middle East wreaking havoc.

In Iraq, we invaded with no plan for the aftermath. The only thing holding the country together by 2011 was the remaining U.S. soldiers. But Obama had said he would bring everyone home, and so, his ego had to be appeased. Iraq is now in the midst of a civil war.

In Afghanistan, we invaded with no end-goal beyond killing as many al Qaeda and Taliban members as possible. We stuck around under the auspice of country building in a place that has no conception of the Westphalian state. We should have left years ago, but Obama said Afghanistan was the good war, so he threw more troops, money and drones into the fire with no real objective. We still have no definition of victory yet cannot figure out a good excuse to leave.