Roxanne Shante brings her message to fashion charity show

Souleo - | 9/12/2013, 2:03 p.m.
roxanne shante

Schuller’s event at the Yotel Hotel took things even further with models from not only diverse racial backgrounds but also various ages, shapes, heights and sizes. Some of the highlights included the sexy plus size dresses by AbbeyPost, elegant designs of Harlem’s Heaven Hats and the pop culture inspired line of 3PTPOP (Three Point Pop). Creator of 3PTPOP, Victor-John Villanueva uses beads, bright flashes of color and whimsical patterns to produce portraits of pop culture figures such as Grace Jones, the Notorious B.I.G. and Nicki Minaj. Villanueva’s wearable art on leggings, t-shirts and chains is designed to showcase life as one big party where everyone is welcome. “We need to acknowledge diversity especially when there continues to be homophobic attacks and racism that is not dead,” he says. “I like to bring fun to the party and some in fashion might not consider it fashion. But I want to make a statement of diversity while mixing fashion and art together.”

When it comes to fashion some people aren’t afraid to wear a message on their sleeve.

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