Jazz at Dinosaur BBQ, Lovelace Peace Concerts

Ron Scott | 9/19/2013, 2:03 p.m.
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Okaru hoshino Lovelace with students at Mt. Diasen elementary school in Japan. Photo by Ron Scott

This is a most important event that was attended by a variety of elementary schools, the community, Nagai’s nephew, the local city mayors and the governor. During this occasion, Lovelace expressed her concern over 9/11, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, and the need to spread love and world peace in the spirit of Nagai.

Lovelace akso referenced peace in her song “They are Always with You.” The lyrics state, “So I sing melodies from my heart making peace/I still hope that you will keep on praying/in this world it will be true.” The song is from her latest CD, “Sakura Home of My Heart.”

Lovelace coordinated another concert at a local elementary school that centered on human rights, one of her main concerns. The audience consisted of 250 young students and parents.

While her music always inspires the audience, it was her brief talk on human rights and the continued need to spread love and peace throughout the world that really hit home. She discussed America and the tragedy of Native Americans, Nazi Germany and Africa. This reporter discussed America’s total involvement in the slave trade. Lovelace said, “Peace is up to each individual, to make a difference, it is in our hearts. ”

Being involved in these recent peace concerts has led to Lovelace being called “the Singing Princess of Peace.” She does not mind the title because one of her goals is to bring love and peace to the world through her music. From her experiences, she has found that music heals, and she wants to bring her music to as many as people as possible.

Lovelace has visited the devastated area of Ishinomaki City three times and performed with the city’s local musicians. One would have had to be there and look into the audience’s eyes to realize that they enjoyed the music and that some actual healing was really taking place. They later stated in words that the music did make them feel better.

Her foundation, Love Arts Earth Foundation, was formed directly after the tsunami to bring musical relief and healing to the people of Japan and around the world. A division of the nonprofit organization is the “Music Heals Program,” which will helps her to bring love and peace through her singing to hospitals, senior citizen centers and other agencies.

For more information on Lovelace or her CDs, visit www.okarulovelace.com