City council race causing chaos

Nayaba Arinde | 9/26/2013, 2:14 p.m.

Foy’s campaign noted that the board’s count of the voting machines yielded a margin of 105 votes, but when absentee and affidavit votes were counted, the margin narrowed to 68. As per the Board of Elections on Monday, Sept. 23, the total count of votes for the two candidates was 4,367 for Cornegy to 4,299 for Foy.

But team Foy stated, “Last Thursday, the Board of Elections indicated it had found more paper ballots in this race, a day after it had communicated to the campaign that all the paper ballots had been counted.”

This is the Board of Elections which, last week, apparently lost the ballots of the candidate and his wife for the second time. The campaign’s lawyers took action to have the ballots found, said Mandela Jones.

Last Tuesday, a machine that had allegedly been recanvassed by both the board and the campaign and had returned the same results numerous times, mysteriously turned up higher counts of votes for the first time, despite the board indicating its recanvassing of voting machines was completed on Monday. This machine also only included votes for the City Council candidates—not mayoral candidates or candidates in any other race. It is highly abnormal that voters would pull the lever only for Council candidates and not those higher up on the ballot; drop-off typically occurs the other way around.”

Cornegy is the elected district leader of Brooklyn’s 56th Assembly District and current president of VIDA, Bed-Stuy’s long-standing democratic club. He told the AmNews, “This race was supposed to be certified today [Tuesday, Sept. 24]. We are supposed to be celebrating, but they are trying to steal the election, and so it is going take another two weeks. There has to be some sort of legal recourse. I am fighting for my political life right now, but we are confident that we will emerge victorious after this process takes place.”