Covering up a lynching—the ugly case of Alfred Wright

By ‘littleRed | 4/17/2014, 2:34 p.m.

All of that happened! None of that was properly treated by the press.

The rally was disciplined and peaceful.

At the rally’s end, to heighten the drama and sense of urgency on the issue, Krystal Muhammad, the national chairperson for the New Black Panther Party and principal organizer of the demonstration, sought to bring the key players, including Alfred Wright’s mother, Rosalind, into the building to formalize their demands to have Young address them. They were denied entry by the phalanx of Rangers who then began pushing the organizers away from the door! In their backward obsession with securing the property, the Rangers even knocked an 84-year woman down to the ground!

Embarrassed by the senselessness of that and confronted with a more angry crowd, the Rangers retreated and locked the building down. They would re-emerge on the outside! Two mainstream media outlets were there, cameras rolling, and got all of that footage. Yet none of the stories ran how all of that went down.

By the way, CNN was nowhere to be found after having done a meaningful investigation when the story broke.

Gloria Rubac of the Texas Death Penalty Abolitionist Movement, a Texas organizing legend in her own right, made these telling observations.

“The only people who were physical were the DPS [Department of Public Safety] cops who pushed and shoved and aggressively knocked down 84-year elder Jean Dember. In their attempt to cover up the hate crime committed against Alfred Wright, the DPS troopers acted like storm troopers,” she finished emphatically.

In such a racially charged case, it should be noted that Rubac is white and Dember is Black. Rubac was also one of many who tried to move in to protect Dember once that happened.

Baba Zayid Muhammad, the Black Panther Party’s East Coast-based national minister of culture, summed up this ongoing story this way: “The Justice Department should move in aggressively like they did in the James Byrd case, in response to Khalid Abdul Muhammad moving the troops in on the [Ku Klux] Klan, I must add, and not just take over the case for ‘possible civil rights violations,’ which actually puts very strict legal limits on what they can do. They should also bring in that arm of the Justice Department that addresses official corruption. That will give them the framework to not just solve Alfred’s lynching, but to address the corruption—which may involve drug trafficking on top of underground racist terror—of that entrenched racist network that criminally covered up the crime.”

The Black press should appreciate other dimensions of the story.

Although Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee did request Justice Department intervention, the department itself has been pathetically quiet in response to this ordeal. They are currently “monitoring” the case.

If this were an al-Queda terror case, would this same critical instrumentality of power and justice be so quiet and careful?

The history of lynching absolutely has to factor into one’s appreciation of the human dimensions and horror of this story!

Muhammad asserted that Young had been a character to witness for Shawn Berry, one of the convicted lynchers of Byrd.