Kenroy Watson wears many hats, all with the same passion

Stephon Johnson | 4/24/2014, 2:44 p.m.

Watson calls plumbing the most important business in construction. There’s always a need, and he feels that young men, in particular men of color, need to seek out the so-called blue-collar trade that can generate not-so-blue-collar income.

“If you know what you’re doing, it’s quick money,” said Watson. “And there’s always work. It really is the best kept secret for a young man’s success to have a trade ... in particular the plumbing trade. It’s the best kept secret for people who don’t go to college.”

Watson’s faith started with his grandmother putting the fear of God in him in a good way. She was constantly reminding him not to run the streets with his friends because he was set up to do something “special.” As he got older, the thoughts of faith and God intensified, especially when he lost his job back in Montreal. Watson told the AmNews that he ran away from it as an adult because he felt he wasn’t smart enough or ready to handle such a responsibility, but it caught up to him eventually.

“It was 2005,” said Watson. “Right at St. James Presbyterian Church, I went there to support someone who was getting ordained. I did some church seminars and stuff like that. I was really involved in the church, just not as a pastor.

“When my aunt and—I think—five other people were getting ordained, they asked me to be one of the ushers for it,” continued Watson. “So I did the ushering, and then I sat down and watched the ordination. The bishop at the time said, ‘I know we did five ordinations, but there’s one person here­—and God told me this, it’s in my spirit—that needs to be ordained.’ He said, ‘Young man, it’s you. God is calling you.’ From that day to now, I am convinced. I’ve seen the miracles.”

One of those miracles includes assisting in the renovation of a church months before his surprise ordination. He’s now in his eighth year as the founder and senior pastor of Crown of Life Love Ministries.

From Jamaica to Montreal to New York. From plumber to pastor. How would Watson sum up his life if he had to put it in one sentence?

“Stepping out in faith,” said Watson.