Fool me once

Letter to the Editor

RAMON J. JIMENEZ, Attorney and activist | 2/20/2014, 3:41 p.m.
I want to tell you a tale of life and death.

Guess who’s making all sorts of promises about how a new soccer stadium would greatly benefit the community? Guess who had their consigliere Stanley Schlein reach out to Mayor Bill de Blasio and our new City Council president? Guess who’s making all sorts of deals with local politicians to get them onboard?

The question we must ask ourselves is, can we continue to give away tax revenues by granting tax-free bonds, tax rebates, incentives and subsidies to billion-dollar individuals and corporations while having no money for city workers, youth programs or the homeless?

Corporate vultures are sucking the life out of each and every citizen of the South Bronx, picking apart its land and leaving it to die—to have the highest hunger rate, the highest poverty rate, the highest drop out rate, the highest unemployment rate and the highest asthma rate in the United States. They lie to us, they steal from us, they feed on us and they spit on us. It is immoral, and it is a crime. And they are doing it again.

The argument that a new stadium brings economic viability to a community has been proven false over and over again. Why don’t they build the stadium with their own money, pay a fair rent, provide good jobs in construction, contribute to community groups and pay their fair share of taxes?

Fool me once …