New York Post lies about Greater Harlem Housing Development Corp

Herb Boyd | 2/27/2014, 10:07 a.m.
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NY Post article

Similar expressions of support came from a chorus of others such as K. Scott, who spoke of the convenience and the maintenance, the affordability of her apartment as well as the ongoing service provided to her and her family by the GHHDC.

The reporters state that the 13 buildings managed by the organization have accumulated 650 violations, but they don’t specify the time period in which these violations occurred, nor what kind of violations they were or that the vast majority of them have been taken care of many years ago.

What readers have to understand is that the GHHDC is one of the last locally based nonprofit institutions standing. It has sustained a welter of economic setbacks that have virtually eliminated all but a few community-based organizations that accepted property from the city with hopes of developing affordable housing.

One thing the GHHDC has relied on from its inception are resourceful senior consultants such as Charles Powell, who has coordinated countless social and economic relations for the organization with other community institutions.

“GHHDC is now pleased to be working in a very positive partnership with the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development and Community Board No. 10 to assure that not only are there good and affordable apartments, but that we continue to make sure that quality affordable housing is made available in Harlem to reduce the ongoing onslaught of gentrification in our community,” he said. “Over the past two years, our excellent and ever growing working relationship with HPD is providing light at the end of the tunnel for our efforts to maintain quality affordable housing and to properly service our tenants.”

If there remains a violation, a stain on the good works at the GHHDC, it comes from the Post, and while many of the leaders assailed by the iniquitous press have reserved their comments righteously and rightfully believe that at the end of the day, “truth needs no defense,” we of the Black press and in the Black media feel it’s our duty to address these scurrilous insinuations, the bevy of lies that serve to undermine the coalition of communities that is at the heart of the GHHDC.

The Post is a major player in a malicious pattern to destroy the galvanizing of the Black and Latino communities, and the timing of this current attack is clearly one to disrupt the conviviality and assembly many of us cherish and look forward to during Black History Month.

What the enemy of our people has to understand is that their opposition only stiffens the resolve of the Black press, and this recent attack is nothing more than another wake-up call, alerting us of the need to be ever vigilant, to keep our pens poised and our powder dry because, remember, those who come for us in the morning will come for you at night.