Women: Balancing careers with motherhood

Armstrong Williams | 2/27/2014, 4:42 p.m.
We need, as a society, to get back to celebrating mothers who sacrifice their careers to care for our most ...
Armstrong Williams

Self-respect is so important. It’s something that’s lost in the vicious cycle of children being raised improperly. When one parent is missing or the parents are too busy for their children, the children seek attention elsewhere, such as with a gang, cult or any group that accepts them, regardless of their intentions.

This predicament makes the role of women critical because their care can keep their children from choosing a life of crime and hopelessness. Properly raising children actually decreases crime. Respecting yourself and valuing yourself enough to not give up your virginity without a proposal from the man pursuing you can make society safer. So you could make more money and increase the likelihood of your daughter robbing you for drug money, or you could take the time to raise your child so he can take care of you in your retirement.

Many may still scoff at women who choose the road of motherhood, but it’s by taking this high road that this and every other society can be elevated to a place where everyone can reach the American Dream. Women, by nurturing their families and supporting their husbands, can be the greatest force for positive change in America. However, if we continue with our selfish and greedy ways, we will continue to destroy the land our forefathers fought for and that which we’ve come to love. In doing so, we will complete the undoing of the most sacred institution mankind has known since the beginning of civilization—the family where two parents and their children are the most sacred of all.

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