Cosmopolitan Review: New years and new celebrations

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 1/9/2014, 10:58 a.m.

Well, here we are in January 2014. After a whirlwind holiday season, I am proud to admit that I was amongst the couch potatoes who stayed home on New Year’s Eve watching TV, specifically channel 7’s “Rocking Eve.” I found the whole show to be high-energy, and I hope to have that blast all year long.

Along with the New Year, I’ve made a few resolutions, the first of which you can hold me to:

  1. My husband gave me a digital camera for Christmas, so I resolve to take more photos this year as soon as I load the SD card.
  2. My second resolution is not to let anyone be mean to me. As it is my mission to be kind and considerate to everyone I meet, I think it’s time that I demand or, at the very least, request that others treat me the same, don’t you?
  3. The third resolution is to hold tight and believe that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, as perseverance is the name of the game, the secret and the precursor to making dreams come true.

The Mitchells of New York (that’s us) spent a few days over the winter break with the Mitchells of Philadelphia (the in-laws), and it was quite nice. Stepmom-in-law Lloyd Martin Mitchell fixed a soul food dinner with potato salad and fried chicken, complements of the new Shop Rite grocery store located in North Philly. She also had a Smithfield ham flown in from Virginia. I really don’t know if it was flown or arrived via truck, but in any event, it was very tasty.

Also on the menu were pig feet and chitlins. While I do eat bacon, ham and ribs along with a good chop, I have my boundaries. I do not nor have I ever or will I ever eat chitlins or anybody’s feet. I did, however, pour some hot sauce on the fried chicken and collard greens.

The next evening, it was over to the holiday party hosted by the Philadelphia chapter of the Circleletts. Our hosts were Wilhemenia and Jarrett Jackson. Even though Wilhemenia Jackson is the current club president, she still found time to be ever so gracious. The DJ was smoking, the food delish and atmosphere very festive. Among the folks, there were Wes and Renee Allen; Margie Chew; Reggie and Mark Johnson along with their mom, Percenia; Dr. Albert Mitchell, who made a miraculous recovery after having been ill for over a month; Nancy Jean Sewell; Leslie Cousins; Leslie Moore; Kitorah Dior; Debbie and Diane Chew; Willadean Bains; Judge Frederica Messiah-Jackson; Judge Patrice Tucker; and Philadelphia Tribune columnist Pat Clifford, plus others just too festive to mention.

The evening topped off a somewhat sad day, as earlier many had attended the memorial service for Leila Cecelia Ransier Skipper, wife of Leigh Skipper, mother of Leigh Michael and John. She passed away on Dec. 21, 2013, after a four-month bout with cancer. Originally a New Yorker, Skipper was born Sept. 30, 1928, and raised in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. She attended Bushwick High School, graduated from Brooklyn College and obtained her Masters of Arts from Hunter College in 1953.