Judge puts ‘Central Park Five’ federal lawsuit on hold for 30 days

Nayaba Arinde | 1/30/2014, 12:12 p.m.
For 25 years, the lives of the Central Park five have been in limbo
Community members protest for the Central Park 5 Photo by Nosayaba Odesanya

“April 19 will mark 25 years of this tragedy known as the Central Park Five. Mayor de Blasio has explicitly stated that the case should be settled,” said Wareham. “We expect that during this month-long stay in litigation granted by the court, the city will seriously engage with us to end this needless—but so American—racist travesty of justice. We encourage all concerned people to tell their elected representatives to let the mayor know that they too demand immediate justice for the Central Park Five.”

Warren told the AmNews, “Both sides agreed to a 30-day adjournment of further depositions to facilitate our ability to try and settle this case for an amount that is fair and is commiserate to the suffering to their plaintiffs and their suffering. Mayor de Blasio has already stated that this case is going to be settled under his administration, and he said that this was a gross miscarriage of justice.”

Unnamed sources close to the case say Carter is willing to sit down and talk about the settlement.

“It’s about time that the Central Park Five got their money from the city,” observed former Councilman Charles Barron. “These young men had their lives ruined by a criminal justice system that has known of their innocence from the beginning. Is it enough? We anticipate that the new corporation counsel for the city, Zachary Carter, will come to the table and settle this case quickly.

“Will any amount of money compensate them for all their years of suffering? Probably not, but those young men and their families must be able to move on now with their lives. We will celebrate the settling of this horrendous case as a victory for the movement.”

Warren concluded, “The settlement amount must be fair and reasonable and necessary considering the stigma still attached to them after 25 years and the theft of their childhood that they will never be able to recover from. Add to that the condoning of that story by then Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Mayor Ed Koch and the corporation counsel and one of the current defendants and Linda Fairstein, not to mention former Officer Mike Sheehan. They attempted to legitimatize an injustice and profound wrong and the gross miscarriage in the annals in the criminal justice system in this case. It is indeed another Scottsboro Boys case.”

Warren said that all elected officials and ministers and activists “should be screaming for fair justice forthwith because they come from us.”