Amsterdam News Endorsement Interviews for New York State Elections 2014

7/24/2014, 2:37 p.m.

On Monday July 22, candidates from the 2014 New York State Elections made their way to the New York Amsterdam News building for editorial endorsements. Candidates are filling the seats of NY state Governor, Andrew Cuomo, Lieutenant Governor, Robert J.Duffy, and representatives to the NYS senate and Assembly. As electoral season goes on, the city candidates spoke to the AmNews about their campaigns and the issues concerning their communities.

Robert Jackson

Former Harlem based New York City Councilmember Robert Jackson campaigns for economic development in his run for New York State Senator of the 31st district. Jackson, has represented parts of the Upper West Side, West Harlem, and Morningside Heights. The Councilmen explained to the AmNews the importance of electing a legislator that responds to the community.

“My main platform is touching base with the people," Jackson further stated. "We need a full time legislator that’s going to work for the people and listen to the concerns that impact them.”

Jesse Hamilton

As the former board president of the Crown Heights school district first time candidate Mr. Jesse Hamilton is running for the N.Y State Senate seat in Brooklyn for the 27th district. Hamilton is an advocate for educational reform, and hopes to make the community safe for youth.

“I’m not just running for my children I’m running for all children in Brooklyn, to make sure they have a quality education, safe streets to play in and also good jobs that can give [parents] the opportunity to raise their families,” said Hamilton to the AmNews.

Rubain Doracy

Rubain Doracy is a candidate for the NY State senatorial seat in Brooklyn’s 20th district. As an attorney, and educational administrator Doracy has used his platform to defend residents against inequality and to increase local community involvement in student education.

“It absolutely matters the kind of the leadership that we have with the issues that our community is facing from the needs of our public education and expanding our opportunities for women and minority businesses,” said Doracy in an Interview with the AmNews

John Liu

As a former candidate in the 2013 New York City mayoral elections, John Liu will once again join the race in his run for state senator of the 11th district in North-East Queens. Liu believes in equality and fiscal empowerment. If in office, Lui hopes to expand the economic opportunity and help legislate the Woman’s Equality Act.

“I expect to be a champion for working men and women all throughout the state [and] to use my responsibilities as a state senator to pass legislation [and] also bring back resources for the community,” said Lui to the AmNews.

Charles Barron

Former City Councilmember Charles Barron is running for the State assembly seat in the 60th district of East New York. The position has been vacated by his wife, Inez Barron. Ms. Barron ran for his term-limited councilmember seat. Mr.Barron hopes to empower communities with economic stability and increase youth funding.