About speaking in public

Renee Minus White | 6/26/2014, 5:35 p.m.

“Standing Ovations” (Motivated Press) by Robyn Hatcher provides an important formula for the art of public speaking. Their actor type is something most folks never think about when they are going for a job interview or making a presentation. All people are actors in some way, shape or form, and this author points you in a direction that can help you throughout your life.

“When it comes to public speaking, knowing your actor type is key to a masterful presentation,” writes Hatcher, who is an actress and sought after speaker and expert on the subject. “Standing Ovations” will help anyone take their public speaking skills and presentations from ordinary to wow!

Drawing from her experience as a working actor and screenwriter in theater and TV, she helps readers identify their primary communication style, or actor type, and applies her revolutionary approach to break down barriers for people who struggle with speaking in large or small groups. Hatcher says, “Communication is an art form in itself, and since every person has an actor type, the trick is to find the ‘right’ combination of types: Hero, Villain, Sex Symbol, Curmudgeon, Whiz Kid, Super Hero, Buddy and Comic.”

Do you know your actor type? Maybe you’re a Denzel Washington (Hero) or Samuel Jackson/Sandra Bullock (Comic). Or maybe you are more like Jennifer Lopez (Buddy) or Halle Barry (Sex Symbol/Super Hero)?

In addition to her book, Hatcher offers a variety of tools for public speaking training. These include a vocal workout CD that features voice training, breathing exercises and pronunciation practices, plus articulation and intonation drills. There is also a training and coaching workshop for improved presentations, public speaking and communications, which can all help one become a more dynamic and inspirational keynote speaker at conferences or corporate meetings. All together, these tools can become an integral part in every aspect of a person’s life.

“Public speaking is, simply put, a constant in our everyday lives, and it’s just not an option to take things for granted,” states Hatcher. “Whether you’re giving the presentation of your career, coaching a soccer team or running for PTA president, honoring your communication skills and playing your actor type is the key to your success.”

Hatcher is founder and principal of SpeakEtc, a boutique communications company that focuses on presentation training. She is an acclaimed actress, voiceover artist, writer and expert in communications, as well as a guest of HuffPost Live. This highly successful businesswoman and sought after speaker is also a prestigious member of the prestigious New York Women of Communications, Savor the Success, Step Up Women’s Network, Writers Guild of America East, Actors Guild, Actor’s Equity and American Federation of Radio and Television Artists. She was also appointed member and committee chair of Manhattan’s Community Board 5 for six years.

“Standing Ovations” is a fun yet very informative read.