A Sterling reputation for racism

Armstrong Williams | 5/1/2014, 3:44 p.m.
With good reason, the sports world is aflame over the recent remarks of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.
Armstrong Williams

Stern also never lifted a finger after a 2010 suit was brought against Sterling alleging that he wrongfully terminated an employee on the basis of race. Today, the fate of Sterling now rests in the hands of a new NBA commissioner who is also Jewish, Adam Silver. Silver could have immediately suspended Sterling while the league investigates, but in his first remarks after the scandal broke, he instead pledged that the Clippers boss was a member “of the NBA family,” and as such “should be afforded due process and a fair opportunity to present their side of any controversy.”

For anyone with ears, if Sterling is the man on that recording, there can be no question that he is a despicable racist who deserves to be cast out from the league without delay. Any other course of action would basically amount to the NBA tolerating and condoning a hateful bigot.

Will the Jewish community in this country speak out against Sterling? They must do so, and in such a manner that makes it clear that he is an embarrassment to their people. Just weeks ago, an armed white supremacist carried out a hate crime targeting innocent people at Jewish community facilities in the Kansas City area. That cowardly assault is evidence that even today, Jews know first hand what it feels like to be singled out and targeted by racists.

My hope is that they will move quickly and decisively to decry Sterling. When it comes to Sterling and his loathsome prejudice, the Jewish community, the Black community and the so-called “NBA family” need to do more than something. They must do the right thing.

Williams is owner of Howard Stirk Holdings and executive editor of American CurrentSee, an online magazine.