Concord Baptist Church sponsors an impressive college fair for high school students

Eulene Inniss | 11/6/2014, 3:41 p.m.
For many, the Concord Baptist Church of Christ in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, is more than a spiritual institution.
Students from the Uncommon Collegiate Charter School Photo by Lem Peterkin

North said, “Youths at Concord are influenced by who they see in the church, and we guide them in terms of what is needed. There are not too many college fairs in Bed-Stuy, and Concord is providing what the community needs. Next year, Concord will expand to invite trade schools and offer those who do not plan to attend four-year colleges an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.”

The Uncommon Collegiate Charter School attended with more than 20 students. Teacher Jade Harriel said, “My school is partnering with the Concord Baptist Church so that students can perform community service at the Concord Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center and the Concord Clothing Exchange.”

This fair also made quite an impression on 9-year-old Jordan Moore, who was in attendance with an older brother. Jordan eloquently said, “I am here because I want to learn more about what to experience in life and choose the right college for me. I specifically chose Penn State University because of their writing program and because a lot of people who went there became successful. I want to learn different skills for life.”

Such wisdom from the youngest participant reinforces that inconvenient truth that not all youths have succumbed to the negative stereotypes that supersaturate the media. There are many African-American youths in communities eager to rise and participate in the competitive challenges that will prepare them for the global society. Concord is committed to excellence for our youths and is taking the lead in the challenge to engage them in a wide range of activities. With the Sisterhood Ministry at the helm, our youths are in good hands.