Loretta Lynch: U.S. attorney general confirmation watch

Gloria J. Browne Marshall | 4/23/2015, 9:39 a.m.
Loretta E. Lynch, 55, may soon make history. She will be the 83rd U.S. attorney general if and when she ...
U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Although she is responsible for such cases as the 2014 indictment of Republican Michael Grimm, the Staten Island congressman who later resigned, Lynch has remained out of the national limelight. Lynch has served as a special prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, prosecuting their genocide cases. In 1999, she prosecuted police officers responsible for the brutal attack on Abner Louima.

The Judiciary Committee approved her nomination Feb. 26. But the process stalled again. It has taken more than five months altogether to bring Lynch’s nomination to the Senate floor for a full vote. Pamela Meanes, president of the National Bar Association, drafted a “cease and desist” order to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is blamed for the delay. Obama called this historic delay “embarrassing.” Partisan division over an abortion-related provision in an anti-sex trafficking bill was finally resolved.

But now, with less than two years left in the Obama administration, Lynch has little time for new initiatives. And extending the legacy of Holder will certainly raise further opposition from Republicans. Differentiating herself from Holder was a key point made by Republicans and some Democratic senators. When asked if she was just like Holder, Lynch calmly responded, “I am not Eric Holder. I am Loretta Lynch.”

Now that she has entered the national stage, America will soon find out how Attorney General Loretta Lynch will address the nation’s diverse concerns. If her past record is any indication, it will be with grace and tenacity.