2014 travel year in review

LYSA ALLMAN-BALDWIN | 1/15/2015, 1:42 p.m.
In some ways, the year flowed along smoothly, and in others, it just flew by.
Montreal has been described as “a lush mix of North American swagger and Euro-cool.” (Montreal) Lysa Allman-Baldwin

2014 travel year in review


In some ways, the year flowed along smoothly, and in others, it just flew by. And here we are, the beginning of the new year, taking time to reflect on what has transpired and to count our blessings, and to set our intentions, goals and dreams for the future.

In terms of travel, I have a great deal of gratitude to express for the many wonderful experiences I had over the past year. From outstanding restaurants to soulful musical performances, amazing accommodations, outstanding people, awe-inspiring outdoor recreation and backdrops, unique attractions and more, my heart is full and I’m hungry for more!

But before I delve into this year’s (already starting to fill up) travel calendar, I wanted to share a little snapshot of 2014.


The quaint town of Hannibal, located in northeast Missouri, just a stone’s throw over the Mississippi River from Illinois, is not only the home of Mark Twain but also the home of the Titanic’s “Unsinkable Molly Brown” and Jim, the central slave character in “The Adventures of Huck Finn.”

Hannibal Convention & Visitors Bureau, www.visithannibal.com

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Philadelphia, “The City of Brotherly Love,” considered to be the most European city in America, is one of the greatest cities in the country. The city is chock full of historic sites and attractions relative to the birth of our nation, as well as world-class museums, performing arts entities, gastronomy and other sites and attractions of global and Afrocentric interest.

Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp., www.visitphilly.com

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“Beauty and the Beach.” That’s one way to describe Santa Monica, the walkable, pedestrian-friendly, drama-free L.A. city with a small town flavor and flair encompassing eight distinctive residential, dining, culture and entertainment, shopping and outdoor recreation districts.

Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau, www.santamonica.com/visitors

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Moving on up the coast to Santa Barbara, dubbed “The American Riviera,” we found a spectacular gem along the California coast awash in Native American and Spanish history, coupled with iconic landmarks, a wealth of outdoor attractions, an expansive wine and food culture and an outstanding “glamping” experience.

Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau and Film Commission, www.SantaBarbaraCA.com

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Continuing our journey even further north, we arrived in Carmel, situated along California’s Central Coast region 120 miles south of San Francisco. This spectacular, incorporated square-mile (with only 3,900 full-time residents) vacation gem is eco-friendly, encompasses a planned and pedestrian friendly downtown, has no formal street addresses and has plenty of fantastic accommodations, culinary offerings (no chain establishments!), unspoiled beaches and parks and outstanding arts and culture.

Carmel Visitor Center, 800-550-4333, www.carmelcalifornia.com

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Just a quick hop five miles up the road and you’ll arrive at Monterey and Moss Beach. Native American, Mexican and Spanish history form the backbone here, and visitors today will find an intriguing, delightful and unbelievable array of historic sites, attractions, recreational activities and a great deal more, uniquely combined to make the area one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations.