Rise of the outsider candidate also reflects a popular uprising against the mainstream media

Armstrong Williams | 11/5/2015, 10:44 a.m.
The latest CNBC-moderated Republican primary debate showed how disconnected the mainstream media has become in this country.
Armstrong Williams

Those who lack even the credentials to get full-time employment are left to fend for themselves in the so-called “gig economy.” They are underemployed. The cities are facing racial strife, crime and violence born of hopelessness. Young people are delaying starting families and purchasing homes because they cannot afford the high cost of living and have zero job stability or prospects for growth. Retirees are facing the bleak prospects of having Social Security cut amidst a raging fight over entitlements and crippling government debt. Meanwhile, all the mainstream media can concern itself with is the vague intricacies of fantasy football? It’s almost as if they are in a fantasy world and believe the real world itself is a game of fantasy football. They have completely and totally lost touch with reality.

Despite the spin, people know when they are being screwed. It’s gotten to the point where they just don’t want to hear it anymore. So what, you’ve got experience in Washington? When you were there, what did you do? Why is the country worse off than before you arrived? About the worst thing a politician can say in this election cycle is that they have experience in Washington or even government in general. It immediately taints them with the scarlet “I” for Insider.

Make no mistake about it—this is the year of the outsider. Carson and Donald Trump are not going away. Mainstream candidates will not be able to carry this election despite the best efforts of their friends in the mainstream media. The people are in an uprising against the status quo, and the uprising won’t be stopped, muted or co-opted, as it has been in the past. People want something radically different. It is high time the mainstream media gets used to it.