Police Commissioner resigning in September

Nayaba Arinde | 8/4/2016, 12:42 p.m.
“Ding dong the warlock is gone!” declared an elated Assemblyman Charles Barron, upon hearing that the somewhat controversial police commissioner ...

A week ago Bratton said that he would be leaving before the end of 2017. Reporters wanted to know what happened to expedite his departure. The mayor said, “July 8 was the day the commissioner let me know, and we had a heart-to-heart—a very personal discussion about life and family.”

Bratton said, “There’s never a good time, but there’s a right time. For me this is both a good time for all that we have accomplished, and it’s the right time for me personally, my wife and I.”

“So the ongoing police probe, the protest, none of that has anything to do with this?” asked one probing journalist.

de Blasio replied, “No, 110 percent has nothing to do with this. Everyone has known, because the commissioner has been very open about it, that he had a vision for his time here. But give or take, it was the first term.”

Bratton added, “On July 8, you may recall we had done the six months summary of how the six months had gone … I informed [the mayor] that I would be leaving, that I would be retiring in mid-September to pursue other opportunities. After I picked him up off the floor and brought him on my couch, we had a two-hour conversation and talked about where I was going and why, talked about transition and the need to do exactly as we’ve done here, to move it forward very quickly ... So, there’s no reason I am leaving at this time and leaving with reluctance. I wish I had more time chronologically to stay around for three or four years to work on the issues that are going to take that long to straighten out. I don’t have that type of time. And again as the mayor had indicated that I’ve received an offer that for me and my wife is extraordinarily exciting and one that I think that we can look forward to.”

At Monday’s rally at City Hall, activist Jomar Trujillo was among the most vocal in demanding that “Super Cop of America” Bratton must go, speaking against de Blasio’s 2013 choice to bring back Bratton in the first place and “predictive policing, which will use computer algorithms to predict crime.”

“You can’t reform the unreformable,” Trujillo told a receptive crowd. A day later, with the Bratton resignation news, Trujillo and his NYers Against Bratton told the AmNews, “Bratton is done. In the midst of the largest police corruption scandal since the 1970s, Bill Bratton is resigning, ending a two and half year long reign as the most powerful person in New York City. In less than three years, Bratton brought the NYPD more cops, more money, more guns, more discretion, immensely advanced surveillance capabilities, predictive policing algorithms and reduced transparency. He laid waste to any legislative attempts to limit police power and authority and twirled our empty-suit liberal mayor around his finger. He has also spent nearly three years laying the foundation for ‘predictive policing,’ which our children will be fighting against in years to come.