Horoscope: March 31 - April 6

Find out what the stars say about your future.
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March 21-April 20

A key progress in your private life will be the reason for happiness in your household. Themonetary gain will help you to make essential procurement. Spending time with your romantic partner will lead to neglecting your work. Peace of mind can be achieved by a joyful mindset. You are going to find and locate wonderful and one of a kind places to tour. To buy your dream house you will have to go beyond your limits. Lucky Number: 4; Lucky Color: Maroon


April 21-May 21

At your profession, you should take prompt actions to give yourself the edge. Despite your irregular behavior, you are going to get parental support. It’s one of those favorable times when you need to concentrate on strengthening your spirituality and mental toughness. Your travel plans are sleek, but your partner won’t be having much time to spend on it. If your aim is to truly benefit from anything, then take your friend’s counsel. Lucky Number: 9; Luck Color: Green


May 22-June 21

Your co-workers are going to help you in completing the work in hand on time. Your needs will be taken care of with the support of your kids. You will gain financially from your excellent ideas. Going to a family event or social party will lead to an enthralling romantic experience. A holiday trip is going to be the all-needed medicine for your health. An uncommon and daring trip will be extremely good for you. Enjoy every moment. The happiest moment that you will experience will be to get your dream house. To enjoy peace, you are likely to join a humanitarian group. Lucky Number: 11; Luck Color: Sea Green


June 21-July 23

New investment opportunities are going to come your way. Explore and scrutinize the viability of the projects before committing to it. To enjoy the ecstasies of romance, do not fail to plan something special with your partner. Streamlining the parties and pleasure expeditions would be good for your mood. Start planning your trip now if you want to go on a tour. It is the best time to make yourself ready to face the life of adventure and risks. Lucky Number: 3; Luck Color: Yellow


July 24-August 23

New opportunities are on the way. This week, you will like to celebrate with family and friends. your financial condition will improve, and you will find the much- deserved breakcoming your way. Travelling will be good for you. You will get a good deal on your new property. Don’t be engaged with your affairs, otherwise there is a very good chance that people will lose interest in you. Lucky Number: 5; Luck Color: Pink


August 24-September 23

At your work you will gain greatly from your creative ideas. Close pals will give advice that will be helpful. Proper guidance and advice is required for investment. It would take the presence of your romantic partner to encourage you to take initiatives today. To regain your self-confidence, you need to recognize your true potential. Be sure to keep your family and friends in mind if you plan a vacation. Lucky Number: 8; Luck Color: White