Horoscope: March 31 - April 6

Find out what the stars say about your future.
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September 24-October 23

The key to a happy and relaxed mood is the presence of family and friends. Some unanticipated gains along with speculation will lead to betterment of your financial condition. Love acts as an elixir as you find peace. It’s the right time to enjoy adventurous holidays and best to share it with friends. You might face some problems if you fund a long-term scheme. To outshine in whatever you do, you need to seriously commit yourself to it. Lucky Number: 1; Luck Color: Cream


October 24-November 22

When you receive acknowledgement for your accomplishments on your professional front, you will be on cloud nine. You will gain financially very well this week, but try not spend everything recklessly. You are most likely to remain healthy, which will result in your success. You have to go off your schedule to relish your vacation. Those of you who want a home loan can go ahead with it. Lucky Number: 7; Luck Color: Blue


November 23-December 21

Don’t fail to spend important precious time with the people you care about, including your friends. Put the excess case in a secure place with the vow to return on time. Your lover connects with your soul and that leads your imagination to un-parallel heights. Your constant positive attitude will bring you success in whatever you do. Go on a vacation, as there is a place looking for you. Lucky Number: 2; Luck Color: Magenta


December 22-January 20

Your innovative mind will raise a few eyebrows and surprise people around you in a positive way. Someone’s well-timed help will enable you to achieve success in romantic endeavors. Plan a trip, but keep track of your finances before you go on the trip. If you want to buy a property, be certain to consider the legal side. You cannot be fake in your dialog because faking it will take you nowhere. Lucky Number: 6; Luck Color: Violet


January 21-February 19

New job openings are on the horizon and for some, it will be surprisingly good. Romance takes a new turn as you head towards marriage. With a positive attitude and confidence, you thrive on leaving a mark on everyone around you. It’s the best time for a perfect family trip to a thrilling place. Later this week, you are likely going to start new construction work in your home or office. Lucky Number: 5; Lucky Color: Indigo Blue


February 20-March 20

There is someone in the family who is keeping an eye on you and looks up to you. Believe it or not it’s true. Any kind of financial venture this week will enhance prosperity and financial security. Be alert and you will solve a complex problem. Traveling will present you with challenges that are very often found to be the start of enterprises that are great. This week, your dream for a new house might be fulfilled. Lucky Number: 8; Lucky Color: Red