32BJ endorses Bill de Blasio for re-election

Stephon Johnson | 11/24/2016, midnight
Pundits on both sides of the aisle may have criticized his approach to governing the city, but a few unions ...
Bill de Blasio Bill Moore photo

Pundits on both sides of the aisle may have criticized his approach to governing the city, but a few unions are still backing Bill de Blasio for re-election.

Last week, members of 32BJ SEIU announced that they were endorsing de Blasio keeping his job as Mayor of New York City.

“32BJ and the Fight for $15 campaign inspired a national movement that has shown that when we stand united for working families, nothing can stop us,” stated de Blasio. “Their powerful leadership on behalf of immigrant families is more important now than ever before, and I know that together we will continue to make New York City stronger and fairer for all, no matter where you live or how much money you make.”

32BJ President Hector Figueroa listed why he thought de Blasio was still the choice for blue-collar New Yorkers.

“In his first term the mayor started a universal pre-K program for our kids, created a program to ensure that affordable housing is built in this city, has both lowered crime and curtailed stop and frisk and so much more that has made life better for us all,” stated Figueroa. “He has stood with the janitors, security officers, school cleaners and residential workers that make up our 75,000-strong union family, and has been an unwavering partner in the Fight for $15 for airport workers, fast food workers and other low-wage workers doing all they can for a decent wage and union rights.”

During a news conference, 32BJ members touted some of de Blasio’s moves such as the creation of IDNYC, raising the living wage, the creation of universal pre-K and passing mandatory inclusionary housing.

“Time and again Mayor de Blasio has shown that he cares about working people like us,” said 32BJ member and security officer Aurelia Brown in a statement. “He has championed the legislation our families need. He wants all New Yorkers to have access to a good education, safe neighborhoods and to know their rights are protected. We need him now more than ever.”

Some of de Blasio’s other accomplishments highlighted by 32BJ members include expanding paid sick leave, establishing the Office of Labor and Policy Standards and pledging to support fair scheduling practices for fast food workers.

Figueroa said that de Blasio is needed more than ever because of the recent presidential election.

“After a presidential election that has made it more clear than ever that we need champions of a progressive and inclusive vision for our country, our members enthusiastically support Mayor de Blasio because that is his vision for our city,” stated Figueroa. “We are committed to fighting for economic, social, racial and immigrant justice in New York City and in this country and that is why we are endorsing Mayor de Blasio.”