Fatherhood awards—Great dads honored

10/13/2016, 5:19 p.m.
In an era when so much attention is ceded to notoriously “deadbeat dads,” it is refreshing to know that hardworking, ...
Honorees seated in the first two rows and displaying their awards also received gifts and recognition from several sponsoring agencies, including the Young Men’s Initiative, the Office of the Borough President, the Administration of Child Services, the Department of Education, the Human Resources Administration, Division for Youth and Community Development, Akira Center, Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha and the Health and Hospitals Corporation. Coalition members and supporters stand in the back rows. Karl Crutchfield

In an era when so much attention is ceded to notoriously “deadbeat dads,” it is refreshing to know that hardworking, proactive and protective dads are not forgotten.  In fact, they were honored by the Manhattan Fathers Forward Coalition Saturday, Oct. 8, at the Harlem State Office Building.

The coalition defines great dads as fathers who are consistently involved in the constructive development of their children and recognizes thatathese efforts are often overlooked or taken for granted. One of the best features of the event was that community residents were encouraged to nominate dads who they feel are deserving of public recognition.

Founded in 2011, The Fathers Forward Coalition coordinates a citywide effort to encourage better relationships between fathers and their children, including the Daddy-Daughter Dance, Real Dads Cook and Dads Bring Your Child to School projects.