‘The Unauthorized Psychoanalysis of Donald Trump’

JAMES C. MCINTOSH, M.D. | 8/31/2017, 10:26 a.m.
So far, 61,734 mental health professionals have signed a petition initiated by psychologist Dr. John Gartner calling for “the removal ...
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Can a person have four personality disorders?

Sociopath is the modern word used for psychopath and anti-social, and borderline personality is a word modern psychiatrists sometimes use to describe what Langer most likely meant when he spoke of Hitler’s “bordering on schizophrenia.”  Narcissistic personality is the word used now for the narcism described by Murray. But how could a person have four different personality disorders? The answer is that in general a person cannot, but people often have characteristics from several personality disorders in the same cluster, or family, of personality disorders. The particular cluster that so many have thought describe both Hitler and Trump is called Cluster B.  The four personality disorders in Cluster B are narcissistic, histrionic, borderline and sociopathic. What the Cluster B disorders have in common are dramatism and impulsivity. Hitler had many Cluster B traits, with perhaps narcissism and sociopathy predominating, and so does Trump.

It’s not funny

The point is that although some of the things about Trump make people laugh, similarly to how people laughed at Charlie Chaplin’s movie “The Dictator,” in the words of Larry Hamm, activist and chairman of Newark’s People’s Organization for Progress this weekend at a community meeting at the CEMOTAP Center in Queens, “It’s really not funny. It’s really not funny.” 

What Hamm meant of course is that a dramatic, impulsive person is now commander in chief of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Air Force and has access to America’s nuclear weapons and nuclear codes. Hitler only had access to traditional explosives and nearly destroyed Europe.

If you only hire barbers, somebody is going to get a hair cut

He has also threatened at least one other head of state with “fire and fury” and has been appointing more generals to the Cabinet than any other president since World War II. Comedian Dick Gregory quipped before his recent transition, “This man has appointed [four] generals to the cabinet, and y’all don’t know where he’s going?” Trump has so far appointed General John Kelly as secretary of Homeland Security, now White House chief of staff; General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as secretary of Department of Defense; General Michael Flynn—fired in the wake of lying about the Russian scandal—as National Security Adviser, replaced by General H. R. McMaster, along with Mike Pompeo former Army captain and West Point graduate,  as director of the Central Intelligence Agency; former Army Reserve captain Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general, and Commander Ryan Zinke a  former Navy SEAL , and  former  “dean” of the graduate school  at the Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command, as secretary of the Department of Interior. Why would you need a Navy SEAL to oversee, the management and conservation of federal land and natural resources, which is the purpose of the Department of the Interior.  If you hire only barbers, somebody is going to get a haircut.

Next week Part V of Chapter 1 of “The Unauthorized Psychoanalysis of Donald Trump”: “Dr. Dick Gregory’s vivisection and brain biopsy of Trump.”