Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #3

EDITORIAL | 2/16/2017, midnight
Two major snafus this week are further evidence that Trump’s puppets are not prepared for the big time, and haven’t ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

If the inept Trump administration and its lackeys keep shooting themselves in the foot, we may not need our declaration here in the third week that “Trump Must Go!” Two major snafus this week are further evidence that Trump’s puppets are not prepared for the big time, and haven’t a clue about governance.

Most disconcerting for the nation and national security was the bonehead debacle by Mike Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser. Since Monday, Flynn’s flagrant foul has been the hottest topic in the news cycle. First it was reported that he had resigned, and then we learned that he was really forced to step aside after less than a month at the post.

The retired lieutenant general was caught spinning yarns with the Russian ambassador right after President Obama had lowered the boom on the Russians for their snooping in our national elections, although he stopped short of fully explaining what was discussed and continued that silence in his letter of resignation.

Then there is the question of when was any of this discussion disclosed to Trump and Vice President Pence, and more insidiously, did Trump coax Flynn in the encounter with the ambassador on the sanctions imposed by Obama? In what may be called “Flynn-gate,” a question from the Watergate Hearings come to mind: What did the president know, and when did he know it?

Perhaps some of this information will be disclosed if a thorough investigation is launched by the Senate Intelligence Committee, who may also want to know the role of the FBI in this affair and how the leak was divulged to the media. We know it’s complicated, but there’s a need to know about the White House shenanigans and the gang that can’t think straight.

Compounding Flynn’s imbroglio, the unintelligent blunder by a man once at the helm of the Defense Intelligence Agency, is the tone deaf Kellyanne Conway, who upon being notified about the Flynn caper told the press everything was going to be all right. But the Queen of Alternative Facts was blindsided again and corrected by her communication partner Sean Spicer, who announced that Flynn was cut loose not on a legal matter but for the lack of “trust.”

Trusting Conway is something the Senate or House Ethics Committee may soon evaluate after she stepped over the line in her promotion of Ivanka Trump’s product line. Her infomercial may not be as egregious as Flynn’s flap, but it highlights another sloppy aspect of the Trump team, another reason why they are unfit to lead the nation.

Flynn and Conway are cretins imposed on us by Trump. They are, or at least in one case were, his designations and his choices, and as Sen. Chuck Schumer said of Flynn’s folly, “Gen. Flynn’s resignation is not the end of the story. It is merely the beginning. His resignation raises more questions than it answers and the American people deserve to know the truth.”

A few of you are old enough to remember the poem about the one-hoss shay and how it crumbled all at once. Well, the Trump shay is coming apart piece by piece, and now that one of the wheels is gone, can a total breakdown be imminent?