Brother Kenneth Muhammad transitions

AUTODIDACT 17 | 6/1/2017, 5:52 p.m.

Admirers, family and friends gathered at the Unity Funeral Chapel (2352 Fredrick Douglas Blvd.) in Harlem Thursday, May 11, 2017, to pay their respects to Brother Kenneth Muhammad (Hayes), who joined the ancestors May 4 at Harlem Hospital.

Born February 13, 1959, in Waycross, Ga., to parents Leroy and Dora Muhammad (Hayes), he has four siblings, brothers Xavier, Serhan and Ameer, and sister Yolanda.

After his family migrated to New York City, they joined the Nation of Islam and studied the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad at the historic Temple #7, then located at the southwest corner of Lenox Avenue and 116th Street.  In 1974, at the tender age of 15, Muhammad graduated from the Muhammad University of Islam, along with Joshua Farrakhan, son of NOI leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan.

He was very active throughout his youth, participating in various sports such as baseball, basketball and gymnastics and in many other activities.

As a devout “poor righteous teacher,” he dedicated many years to studying and then spreading the word within various neighborhoods throughout New York City in a sincere effort to “awaken the mentally dead people.”  He was well-known and respected within his Muslim community as he faithfully carried out his duties as instructed to do so within the temple.

Muhammad was known to be an eager participant at many local and away from home events conducted by the NOI. As a student minister, he conducted many study groups, helping to instruct new recruits on how to gain the valuable discipline necessary while disseminating knowledge among the savages in society, and also helping them learn the supreme wisdom taught in the NOI’s temples.

The courageous brother was instrumental in starting study groups on Staten Island, as well as spreading the word in the “belly of the beast,” consistently visiting numerous New York State prisons and helping many incarcerated men acquire NOI literature.

Never allowing the grass to grow under his feet, he was also known to have traveled to various countries throughout Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and North, Central and South America, as he helped spread the word everywhere he went.

Several people recalled Muhammad diligently vending Nation of Islam DVDs, literature and other items on 125th Street, as well as other locations throughout the city as he strove to share positive energy within the Black community.

Muhammad is survived by his daughter Keyanna Zaire Hayes, his brothers and sister, sisters-in-law Lisa and Sabrina, multiple uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, cousins, friends and fellow Muslims.

Resurrect in Paradise 7!