Comedy ‘n’ soul in NYC

David Goodson | 3/23/2017, 11:19 a.m.
While the ’90s were viewed by many as a high-water mark in Black music, Black comedians were also beginning to ...
microphone/music Pixabay

The show, presented by Marquee Concerts, is hosted by Sommore and includes Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davidson, Michael Blackson, Gary Owen and Don “D.C.” Curry. An all-star lineup usually adds fuel for an artist to be at his or her best, and for Arnez J. being in New York City adds extra incentive. “New York fans don’t play,” he said. “It’s no faking. Either they gonna like this person or not. It’s been a little while, like seven or eight years, since I been here last, but I own that. I just can’t wait to get my feet back in that mud! I’m amped! I’m amped to the point I’m already feeling the nervous butterflies, and I don’t get those anymore.”

Extra, extra! Just in. Uncle Charlie Wilson just chopped it up with the kid and he advised to grab any tickets left for his forthcoming show, Charlie Wilson’s In It To Win It Tour with Fantasia and Johnny Gill, at the Barclays Center (620 Atlantic Ave.), March 29 at 7:30 p.m. “I looking for every seat to be filled just like last time, and this show is bigger and better,” said Wilson. “Everybody is on their A+ game. I’m gonna do what I always do. I’mma give you all the No. 1 records from the GAP Band, all the No. 1 records from Charlie Wilson plus four or five of these new ones [of the new disc ‘In It To Win It’] and make it happen for Brooklyn.”

Holla next week. Til then, enjoy the nightlife.