Make American Great Again—Trump Must Go! #9

3/30/2017, midnight
Having hit a wall not in his planning, our would-be dictator-in-residence Donald Trump is now seeking to do away with ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

Having hit a wall not in his planning, our would-be dictator-in-residence Donald Trump is now seeking to do away with climate change, which he once said didn’t exist. Even so, Tuesday he signed an executive order to eliminate President Obama’s rules to curb climate change.

Unable to remove Obamacare from the books, the president now aims to eradicate another vestige of his predecessor’s legacy, a move that has clearly excited the coal miners and their companies. On the other hand, environmental advocates are outraged.

We extend our sentiments to these activists who are opposed to Trump’s order, which flies in the face of scientific evidence that shows carbon dioxide is an enemy, damages the ozone and is the engine of climate change.

This executive order is just another example of Trump’s ignorance, his determination to erase every positive thing of Obama’s legacy and to impose his will, no matter the consequences to others—and in this case to the world.

Trump appears to be so obsessed with Obama’s erasure that he’s unaware that this latest act jeopardizes his fate as well. Perhaps that’s quite all right, too, because he’s willing to risk his own extermination to be rid of Obama.

OK, we know there may be no immediate danger from the stroke of his pen, but in the long run it adds more carbon emission to the atmosphere, hastening that day of reckoning. Trump is clearly trying to put coal back in competition with natural gas and at the same time imperiling the planet.

Despite Trump’s symbolic intentions, some experts believe that his order, ultimately, will dissipate, and lose the race to renewable energy. That the mining industry will see the folly of its ways—small chance! Or there’s a possibility that environmentalists will find some relief in court. As one authority noted, court delays are not the best strategy to a planet under the siege of climate change.

Clearly, this executive order is symptomatic of Trump’s neuroses, another sign of a desperate president whose delusions of grandeur are with each day more problematic for all of us—and when it comes to his actions on climate change that “us” is more than just US, but the entire globe.

For the risk he brings to all people of the planet we once again insist that to Make American Great Again—Trump Must Go! #9