Horoscope: May 25 - May 31

Manisha Koushik | Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Numberologist, Vatsu and Feng Shui Consultant | 5/25/2017, 3:05 p.m.
Find out what that star say about what's in store for your future.
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March 21-April 21

You will have to wait longer to get an additional source of income. Someone is reluctant to approach you for a favor, but give whatever guidance you can. Planning something with the family will be more work than enjoyment. You must see the bigger picture and get rid of pettiness. You must be adequately prepared before setting out on a journey. Lucky Number: 6; Lucky Color: Dark Green


April 22-May 21

You will move ahead in leaps and bounds professionally. You can spare money for something essential and be confident of earning it back. You will get a positive response from someone you are interested in. A change of scene will prove refreshing and rejuvenating. Self-discipline in your diet will make you much fitter than before. Lucky Number: 22; Lucky Color: Dark Gray


May 22-June 21

You will remain focused on whatever you have set out to accomplish this week at work. Incurring a heavy expenditure should not deter you because you can refill your coffers. If property is on your mind, chances of getting a bargain are good. You will enjoy this week in a romantic way. Lucky Number: 18; Lucky Color: Purple


June 22-July 23

Your performance at work will take you a step closer to becoming indispensable to the company. You are motivated to earn more so you can start a repair job on your home and get rid of a problem. Family fun is in store for you as you take time out from work. Your promises must be kept to maintain your romantic relationship. Lucky Number: 15; Lucky Color: Cream


July 24-August 23

The pace of work at the office will be slowed because of distractions. You should start saving money because a cash crunch will come. Some family problems will keep you occupied. You will have to cater to your lover’s moods this week. Your health worries will become a thing of the past as you move toward total fitness. Lucky Number: 4; Lucky Color: Purple


August 24-September 23

Something unfavorable will happen to you at work. You may find it difficult to break free from a manipulator who is trying to take advantage of you. A tough situation in the family must be faced. An invitation to a unique event will cheer you up. Looks and charm will draw you to someone romantically. A chance to travel will come your way. Lucky Number: 3; Lucky Color: Lemon


September 24-October 23

Be careful of someone who claims to be your friend but is actually working against. You will overspend your budget this week. You will resurrect your love life and keep the flames of passion alive. You will find that working out in a group has benefits for your health. Lucky Number: 11; Lucky Color: Saffron