Delrawn Small case—Justice denied again!

The world watched the videotape of Rodney King being beaten to a pulp by police, and on the state level…justice ...
Delrawn Small PIX 11 News photo


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Charles Barron

The world watched the videotape of Rodney King being beaten to a pulp by police, and on the state level…justice denied. The nation watched the video of Eric Garner being choked to death by NYPD…justice denied. And now, the people of the state of New York watched a video of an unarmed Black man, Delrawn Small, walking up to an off duty NYPD police officer’s car after a traffic dispute and being cold-bloodedly, instantly, shot three times center mass and killed…justice denied. What is it going to take for Black people to get justice in American courts?

I was in the courtroom when Officer Isaacs testified on his own behalf. His testimony alone should have been enough for a guilty verdict. He admitted seeing Small approaching his car. Before Small reached his car, the officer pulled out his gun, claiming to be in fear for his life, before Small even spoke a word. The video showed clearly that the instant Small reached Isaacs’ driver side window, Isaacs admittedly shot Small three times center mass, causing his death. As in the case of the videos of Rodney King and Eric Garner, the injustice system of America refuses to believe what their eyes have seen.

When he was cross examined, it was clearly established that Isaacs had options. When the unarmed Small approached his car, Isaacs could have rolled up his window and displayed his police badge. He didn’t! As a matter of fact, he rolled down his window to confront Small with his gun. There were no cars in front of him as he stopped at the light. He could have simply driven off to avoid the confrontation that he perceived and if he had done that, Small would be alive today. He didn’t! His testimony was riddled with contradictions of the facts presented in this case and some were downright blatant lies. Irrespective of the clear-cut evidence and the facts of this case that demonstrated that Isaacs was guilty of murder in the second degree and manslaughter in the first degree, the jury that included Blacks and Latinos found him not guilty on both charges. Even though the officer was Black, the victim was Black and there were Black and Latino members of the jury, race still matters! Racism is systemic and institutional in America. Some Blacks and Latinos are convinced by racist propaganda that the Black man is an angry dangerous menace to society. Delrawn Small was a peaceful, loving caring family man. He didn’t deserve to die in such a senseless, cold-blooded manner. When Isaacs called 911, he said he was assaulted on Atlantic Avenue and Bradford Street and needed a bus (ambulance). He didn’t even tell the 911 operator that he just shot a man three times and the man was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. How low can you get! I believe that if Small had been a white man approaching Isaacs’ car after the traffic incident, Isaacs would not have feared for his life and he would not have pulled out his gun. And if he had pulled out his gun and killed a white man, I believe the jury, including the Blacks and Latinos, would have found him guilty as charged. Race still matters!

The American injustice system has failed Black people again. My heart and condolences go out to the entire family of Delrawn Small, especially his incredibly strong brother Victor Dempsey and sister Victoria Davis. Every time this system allows for killer cops to take the life of innocent unarmed Black people and get off scot-free, it embeds a deeper seed of hatred in the souls of Black folk for the American injustice system and their police. I shall keep warning America and New York City that this country and this city are like a racial powder keg ready to explode! It’s like a pressure cooker boiling over. The stress and pressure of poverty, economic oppression by a racist greedy parasitic capitalist system and police terrorism are unbearable. How much more do you think our people will take? It will only take a spark to light the flames across this country that will make the uprisings in Ferguson and Baltimore look like Boy Scout campfires compared to the flames that will engulf American cities. This is a warning! Wake up America before it’s too late! America needs a revolution, a radical systemic change of the entire system! Forward ever!