Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go #41

EDITORIAL | 11/9/2017, midnight
President Trump is quick to accuse the Obama administration for just about everything that goes wrong in America.
Donald Trump CNN photo

President Trump is quick to accuse the Obama administration for just about everything that goes wrong in America. And when he can’t blame Obama, he conveniently finds another scapegoat to point the finger at for some tragedy or wrongdoing.

Well, we think Trump is the reason for the recent attacks on American citizens, the so-called mass shootings, which should be deemed acts of terror.

That most of the recent incidents were committed by white men should not be glossed over because they are only acting out of some bitter invectives and accusations spewed by the president. In other words, they have in several instances put into action some of Trump’s most vicious insults. Their outrage is but a deadly manifestation of the rage Trump expressed during his campaign and during his days in the Oval Office.

If Trump can impugn Obama, then the white nationalist James Fields might have believed he was justified in driving his car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Va., killing Heather Heyer. If Trump’s misogyny has gone unpunished, then perhaps in the warped thinking of Devin Kelley it’s OK to take his domestic violence to another level of criminal behavior.

And Trump’s derogatory remarks and banning of immigrants from Muslim countries might have incited the rage expressed by Sayfullo Saipov, who in his truck mowed down innocent bikers and tourists on the Hudson River Park Bikeway, killing eight of them.

We know these allegations might be seen as going too far—to blame Trump for the atrocities, several of which he has said have nothing at all to do with the proliferation of guns in the country. But that leads us back to his hypocrisy, his repeated insistence that the iterations of terrorism have no relation to guns, but to widespread mental illness. And although he will never admit it, his canceling of a law Obama put in place to limit the access mentally ill people have to the purchase of guns has exacerbated the problem, and at the same time probably endeared him to the NRA.

For the mess we’re in, it’s your fault President Trump! The tone you set during the presidential campaign and the various uncalled for invectives against citizens, particularly the Gold Star families, has created a climate of hate, rage and racism and issued a license to kill.

Until you own up to this negative influence you have had on the body politic, Mr. President, and take steps to amend your terrible disregard for most of us, we say once more to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!