Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #43

EDITORIAL | 11/23/2017, midnight
“I should have left them in jail,” President Trump said of the UCLA players accused of shoplifting in China. Given ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

“I should have left them in jail,” President Trump said of the UCLA players accused of shoplifting in China. Given Trump’s arrogance and penchant to take credit when the credit is not his (as well as to blame others when he’s the one to blame), are we to believe that Trump was actually pivotal in getting the young basketball players back home?

There remains some uncertainty on this matter, but not with Trump’s ongoing feud with LaVar Ball, the father of one of the players released. Nor are we in doubt about Trump’s double standard when it comes to elected officials accused of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior.

Although the president—a title that he daily abuses and diminishes—has been reluctant to condemn GOP candidate Roy Moore of Alabama who is seeking to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate, he wasted no time assailing Sen. Al Franken, who unlike Trump apologized for his behavior.

At a time when hardly a day goes by and another notable is accused of sexual harassment, including most recently television host Charlie Rose and acclaimed New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush, we should not ignore when and how this season of accusations got underway—and it was with Trump, not Harvey Weinstein.

It wasn’t that long ago that Trump was accused by more than a dozen women of sexual assault, including a groping incident. Like Moore, Trump denied the allegations and charged that the women were lying.

Blaming the recent rash of sexual harassment accusations on Trump may be stumbling into that realm of undocumented assertions that Trump occupies. But it was certainly during his campaign that those two words began to resonate and to gather a number of men under fire or being fired.

Trump continues to deliver an unfit tone that cannot be called presidential, and something has to be said about a so-called leader who can’t even send condolences to the bereaved without messing it up.

And the entire world has to be concerned about Trump’s ceaseless provocation of North Korea and its leader. What this amounts to is mere instigation, riling a man who needs no prodding to unleash deadly missiles. Our concern is to keep Trump’s aimless feet to the fire, prod him in such a way as to keep him mindful of our wish that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!