Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #36

EDITORIAL | 10/5/2017, midnight
Stephen Paddock, the suspect in the massacre in Las Vegas who took his life, had a cache of more than ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

Stephen Paddock, the suspect in the massacre in Las Vegas who took his life, had a cache of more than 40 weapons in his home and in the hotel room from where he shot and killed 59—and counting—people and wounded more than 500 others.

This was an act of “pure evil” Trump said of the tragedy after extending his “warmest condolences and sympathies” to the family of the victims.

Not one of us in our right mind expected him to say anything about gun control, particularly the assault rifles that were part of Paddock’s arsenal. Five years ago before seriously considering a bid for the Oval Office, Trump saluted President Obama and his call for gun regulation after the Newtown shooting where there were 26 fatalities, including 20 children.

Three years later, Trump, beginning his flip-flop tendency, changed his mind about gun control, insisting it was a violation of the protections guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Now that Trump is firmly in the grip of the NRA, he is unlikely to flip-flop and reverse his feelings, and if the deadliest massacre in modern U.S. history draws nothing but a prayer of unity from him, there’s no alternative but to add this resistance to the growing list of complaints we have about his administration. This tragic incident and Trump’s balk on gun control cannot be dismissed and forgotten, pushed aside like climate change, global warming and other things he deems “fake news.”

We only have to look to the results of other countries and the reduction of mass shootings after outlawing the sale of assault rifles.

True enough, there is no way to banish evil from our society, but we can do something about the proliferation of assault weapons, especially in the hands of the mentally ill.

You would think that a gun merchant selling an arsenal to one customer would have some concern, and perhaps placing a limit on the sales of assault weapons to one customer can curtail the mass killings that are far too often a part of the American experience.

As for the prayers and the outpouring of sympathies, we need protest and legislation, and certainly political leaders unlike Trump who will stand up to the NRA and the gun merchants and their eyes alert only for profit.

Beyond gun control, there is Trump control, and we must continue to register our means of opposition to his administration and let him know that we are still actively engaged in our fight to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!