New Yorkers focus on hurricane-hit Caribbean rebuild

Nayaba Arinde | 10/5/2017, midnight
“Maria has finally left us, Lee is still around, but not posing a threat. Nothing else on the horizon, just ...
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David said that it is an all-day effort for the Caribbean diaspora and friends of the Caribbean to donate to relief efforts.

This all-day resource raising event will take the form of a radio-thon, featuring music, notable interviews and updates while appealing for community support. Appeals will be made for individuals to give on various giving platforms including direct call, text and online. Those seeking to donate goods will be able to do so at designated drop-off points.

“The relief efforts on Caribbean Day of Giving will benefit the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, a regional inter-governmental agency for disaster management in the Caribbean Community,” David said. “CDEMA is the official body coordinating relief efforts to the various Caribbean countries affected by the hurricanes. It works with disaster management agencies in the various Caribbean countries and will ensure that funds are distributed as agreed upon and prioritized by the Caribbean region itself.”

With regards to Saturday’s radio-thon, David assured that more than 30 radio stations across the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom will participate in Caribbean Day of Giving.

The charity partners engaged for this event are the Caribbean Tourism Organization Hurricane Relief Fund and the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies/American Foundation of the University of the West Indies and American Friends of Jamaica.

David explained, “Heads of state/leaders in the affected islands have been invited to use this opportunity to share the extent of the devastation, provide updates on the relief efforts and plans for rebuilding. Notable local personalities will also appear to encourage the community and friends of the Caribbean to give to this effort.”

He concluded, “As the former Deputy and Acting Consul General of Antigua and Barbuda, I believe that Caribbean Day of Giving is a wonderful initiative to help mobilize the Caribbean diaspora to support the relief efforts of reputable organizations that will greatly benefit all affected Caribbean islands. As a member of the organizing committee I have observed that there’s tremendous goodwill and interest in this event which further demonstrates the shared commitment of the Caribbean diaspora to always play a role in the development of the Caribbean region.”

Tourism is such a big component of working life on many Caribbean islands. Recovery for that purpose therefore takes on a huge significance. The Caribbean Tourism Organization and the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association continue to receive and present updates from member countries and hotels regarding the recovery and rebuilding efforts following the impact of the hurricanes in the northern Caribbean and Leeward Islands.

They continue to announce flights and hotels that are up-and-running and available to try to bring a degree of recovery and normalcy to the Caribbean islands because tourism is a major part of their economy. There will be many demolitions, and immediate rebuilding is part of the aftermath and the new future as recovery is the main focus.

Seaborne Airlines has announced the resumption of service between Anguilla and San Juan. Meanwhile, CTO and CHTA say that the ferry company L’Express Des Iles has resumed service between Dominica and St. Lucia, and that “fax and telephone landline services are back up in the northern town of Portsmouth, and that the main Princess Margaret Hospital continues to function, along with most of the major type 3 health care centers on island. However, it says only some of the wards are currently functional and occupied, water and electricity have been partially restored and only emergency/life-saving surgical procedures are being performed.”