Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go #39

EDITORIAL | 10/26/2017, midnight
President Trump’s callousness dipped to a new low with his caustic, insensitive comments to Myeshia Johnson whose husband, Sgt. La ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

President Trump’s callousness dipped to a new low with his caustic, insensitive comments to Myeshia Johnson whose husband, Sgt. La David, was recently killed in Niger. “He knew what he signed up for” were a few of his stumbling words to the widow. She commented, “It made me cry because I was very angry at the tone in his voice and how he said it.”

Moreover, she said, the president couldn’t remember her husband’s name. She said that hurt her because “if my husband is out here fighting for our country, and he risked his life for our country, why can’t you remember his name?”

Myeshia, dear sister, there are a number of other things Trump has forgotten, and some he probably never committed to memory—such as human decency and empathy for the bereaved, which your circumstance is but a recent example.

And how we wish those who ushered him into office are learning what they “signed” him into. We are still waiting for a piece of major legislation from him instead of the relentless pursuit to undo everything Obama left in place. We are still waiting for him to admit he was wrong on anything rather than placing the blame on someone else. Still waiting for him to show a bit of humility, express some compassion, show some love.

Waiting for some of these things, we know, is to wait in vain. The same day he lives up to any of these virtues will be the same day he concedes that climate change and global warming are scientific facts; the same day he agrees with his secretary of state; the same day he confesses that he is indeed a misogynist; and the same day he admits there is validity in the charges of emolument violations hurled at him.

We are well aware of the futility and how ridiculous it is to wait for Trump to do the right thing, to apologize for just one error. Even so, we have few alternatives but to wait until the next election because for him to be impeached or to resign from office are unlikely outcomes.

Although we are alarmed by the president’s ceaseless intemperate behavior, his unwillingness to engage what thinking powers he possesses before firing off a fusillade of nasty insults and braggadocio, we are not surprised. In fact, we have reached a point of expectancy now for his unconscionable lying and multitude of distractions to divert us from the inefficiency of his administration.

Let us hope that the majority of Americans, as before, are as eager as we are to get Trump out of office, by whatever means necessary, to quote a great American human rights leader.

We know it will be a long wait, but we also know that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!