New York Amsterdam News Endorsements Part Two

EDITORAL | 9/7/2017, 2:25 p.m.
The Bronx is a diverse borough on all fronts—racially, economically and culturally.
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The Bronx is a diverse borough on all fronts—racially, economically and culturally. It has a population that varies from extreme wealth to extreme poverty. The terrain goes from lush parks to vacant lots, and there are many ethnicities and wonderful cultures. Every council district shares these strengths and challenges. In the Bronx we are making two endorsements and here they are.


In the 13th Council District we find some of the tonier areas of the Bronx, as well as solid working-class areas that are the backbone of this city. A lack of good transit options in the eastern part of the Bronx, and long commutes and poor service plague the area. Transportation is one of the major issues facing the district. If elected Marjorie Velazquez pledges to fight for better options and for funding of these options including ferry service and the construction of the new Metro North station. But these are not her only priority. A daughter of the Bronx, Marjorie knows firsthand what the New York public schools can do and what needs to be done to make them better. She also knows what it means to persevere. In 2012 she faced life-changing injuries in a workplace accident, and then a car crash that left her disabled for a short time. She navigated and struggled through a system of insurance and health care that was broken but she still came out with the will to change the system and give back. For her will, perseverance, fortitude, intellect and dedication to her community we endorse Marjorie Velazquez for City Council.


So many New York stories are immigrant stories. Many City Council members or those running for a seat are immigrants themselves or the children of immigrants. Randy Abreu, first-generation American, was born and raised in the Bronx to Dominican parents, attended public schools and went to college with the help of New York State’s Higher Education Opportunity Program. He continued on to law school and then went to Washington where he was appointed by former President Barack Obama to serve inside the U.S. Department of Energy. And now he has decided to come home. He has come home because he deeply cares about his community. He understands the opportunities that are out there and wants them available for all. He wants to make sure that the city does a better job of outreach and inclusion when it comes to women and minority-owned businesses; that there is more funding for schools and that technology is more of a priority in them; and that the city creates a requirement for local hiring on city-funded projects. He wants to use his experience in DC to bring green energy to the Bronx and reduce harmful emissions. For all these initiatives and many more we endorse Randy Abreu for City Council


Francisco Moya has been in Albany as an assemblyman representing his Queens District for more than six years. In his six years he has fought for workers' rights, immigrant rights and affordable housing. Now he wants to bring it more local and fight on the ground to help the local schools. He also wants to bring in more funding to reduce class size and increase after-school programs, and to protect the programs for senior citizens that have been threatened to be cut, as well as to increase the number of seniors who can benefit from them. He is also committed to creating more affordable housing and to redevelop Willets Point with a landmark “Worlds Market” to highlight the local cultures of Queens. We believe that Francisco Moya is the best person for the job and therefore we endorse him for City Council