Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #34

EDITORIAL | 9/21/2017, midnight
Last week when we compared President Trump to a hurricane we may have done a disservice to these natural disasters, ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

Last week when we compared President Trump to a hurricane we may have done a disservice to these natural disasters, and with his provocation of Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, he portends an even more calamitous eve of destruction, a possible nuclear showdown.

Kim is hardly in need of harsh words to motivate his call to action. And for Trump to threaten to destroy North Korea is akin to waving a red flag in front of a most dangerous, militaristic bully with little regard for the U.N. and the global quest for peace.

Nor, apparently, is this a vital concern for Trump, and if he truly were interested in “America first,” he would think twice about placing the nation in such grave danger. With each passing day we learn more and more that it’s really “Trump first.”

We agree completely with Sen. Dianne Feinstein when she concluded that his comments at the U.N. Tuesday were “bombastic,” and the emphasis should be placed on bomb because at any moment he’s capable of exploding.

More good news from California came last week when it was reported that an increasing number of elected officials there are moving ahead with plans to censure Trump, particularly for his “both sides” blame of the mayhem in Charlottesville.

This is an encouraging development and it needs to be emulated across the land if we are to have that critical mass we hope can translate into votes during the midterm elections. It was encouraging, too, to hear that special prosecutor Robert Mueller may be preparing to indict Paul Manafort, a former Trump surrogate and campaign chairman, which should ignite a firestorm from the Oval Office.

According to reports, agents picked the lock at Manafort’s house, and we hope the next move is to pick his brain and discover the extent to which he possibly colluded with the Russians during the last presidential election.

Yes, the world is shook up from earthquakes, torrential rainstorms, Category 5 hurricanes, missiles from North Korea and wars that continue to rage in the Middle East. But we contend that the most pressing danger we face is this nation’s leader, and he’s not our president!

Far too often we’ve witnessed how his rhetoric can quickly become action, and that recent barrage in front of the world’s leaders brings us a step closer to annihilation. We should not have to be on this precipice of extinction, and we needn’t look any further to declare that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!