Taking a beating from diabetes?

Dr. Gerald Deas | 9/21/2017, 11:54 a.m.
When I was a kid going to public school, it was inevitable that the toughest hyper-maniac in the class always ...
Diabetes Pixabay

Exercise and the reduction of calories is a punch right in the gut of that bad boy diabetes. Remember the ditty that I wrote? “If you have to batter it, don’t even flatter it. If you have to cream it, don’t even dream it. If you have to whip it, why not skip it? If you have to fry it, don’t even buy it.”

By following these suggestions, you will surely cut down on your caloric intake. If your blood glucose does not get under control with exercise and diet, it is important to take medications that your doctor prescribes. Your blood sugar level should be kept at 90 to 110 mg/dL, and hemoglobin A1c should be less than 6, to prevent blood vessel and nerve damage. It is also important to visit your eye doctor on a regular basis to identify and curb early eye diseases that can lead to blindness. A yearly visit to a foot doctor to ensure and prevent foot infections in its early stages won’t hurt. Please don’t walk around the house barefoot. A lot of germs can be picked up from the floor, causing foot infections.

The simple steps will allow you to beat up on diabetes without raising your fist.

Well, I guess I’ll go for a run and see you later!