Losing weight and clutter

Renee Minus White | 9/28/2017, noon
Can you imagine life without clutter? Now’s the time to declutter your home, office, room and mind. It works. This ...
"Lose 200lbs This Weekend: It's Time to Declutter Your Life!"

Can you imagine life without clutter? Now’s the time to declutter your home, office, room and mind. It works. This do-it-now book, “Lose 200 Lbs. This Weekend: It’s Time to Declutter Your Life!” by Don Aslett, will inspire and instruct you on just how to do it. It’s not just about losing body weight, although, during the process, you do. Aslett explains how, when and why you should reduce what is around you to improve your life. This book is a must-read!

Did you know that the lack of time, stress and lack of space are three of the biggest complaints folks have today? Just by decluttering, you will be surprised at how you will enjoy immediate relief from all three of these issues. The author writes about the importance of doing just one single thing a day that would improve your life, without costing you anything. Just know that if you decluttered your surroundings (closets, kitchen cabinets, papers on your desk) you might cure depression, improve your self-esteem and become much more efficient. When you think about it, you could use more space, physically and emotionally. Think about cutting your cleaning time by 40 percent or more. Would you do it? Saving your money, becoming more spiritual and bringing yourself peace and relaxation are some of the subjects the author writes about in “Lose 200 Lbs.”

He also shares several testimonials from people who have found success in reading the book and following the instructions. Toward the end of the book, Aslett shares the following codes that have worked for him in time:

  1. Keep yourself and your place,

space and possessions clean

and orderly.

  1. Keep yourself in top physical

and emotional condition.

  1. Spend less—in accord with

your financial capacity

and need.

  1. Think of your vehicle as safe,

economical transportation—

not a matter of ego or statue.

  1. Work hard—be eagerly

engaged in a good cause.

  1. Stay home more. Don’t

waste your real estate.

Make your home your life’s

center, not the malls, shops,

cafes and stadiums.

  1. Take real advantage of what

you have, before expanding or

getting more.

  1. Know the difference between

standard of living and

standard of luxury.

  1. Create minimum waste—to

help save your personal and

our public environment.

  1. Take care of those in need,

ease others’ burdens when

you can (save souls instead of stuff, you might say).

Donald Andrew Aslett, founder of the “dejunking” movement, is a professional cleaner. He is also the author of “Clutter’s Last Stand,” “Not for Packrats Only,” “Clutter Free” and “Office Clutter Cure.”