Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #35

EDITORIAL | 9/28/2017, midnight
O, President Trump, how we despise thee, let us count the ways.
Donald Trump CNN photo

O, President Trump, how we despise thee, let us count the ways.

You went down to Alabama not to mediate but to mettle in a special runoff for the senatorial spot Jeff Sessions once held. Like a northern version of Bull O’Connor, the racist public commissioner of Birmingham, you stepped on the wrong side of history and impugned civil rights movement.

For as long as you’ve tried to repeal and replace Obamacare we have found you despicable and incompetent, and now you are talking about your disappointment that your GOP lackeys failed again and will not vote on the new bill, boo-hoo, Mr. President. You deserve the disgrace.

And a third reason we despise thee is your blatant hypocrisy. All the while you were blasting Hillary Clinton for using her personal email account to handle government matters, five members of your cabal, including your daughter, were doing the same thing. Where is your censure now?

You should be excoriated for rescinding DACA and presenting one of your dreadful nightmares to the nation’s Dreamers, you should be drawn and quartered for pardoning Sheriff Arpaio and you should be water boarded for taking so long to respond to the crisis in Puerto Rico.

And we despise the way you have handled the protests surrounding the national anthem, which, in many respects, is not at all unlike your caustic words after Charlottesville.

We despise you for your lying, deceitful ways, your contempt for the Constitution, your indifference to incontrovertible proof about climate change and global warming. And don’t think for a moment you have cleverly disguised your hatred for Muslims by adding Venezuela and North Korea to the travel ban.

Your divisive, inappropriate tweets are another thing we despise, and your reluctance to author one major bill that will bring joy to more than your spineless constituents leaves us with no recourse but to denounce you.

It is our hope that we are around long enough to add to this list of disgust we harbor, but your bellicose provocations with the “Little Rocket Man” may place us all in jeopardy.

O, President Trump, how we despise thee, and now that we’ve counted a few of the ways, know that we shall despise thee even more after winter in America and we no longer have to say that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!