Natalie Paul of ‘The Deuce’ headlines second season of ‘The Sinner’

Nadine Matthews | 8/2/2018, 11:54 a.m.
If you caught Natalie Paul as dogged, intrepid New York Amsterdam News reporter Sandra Washington in HBO’s gritty series “The ...
Natalie Paul Contributed

About “The Sinner” Paul said, “Heather is a detective in training in a small rural town in upstate New York. It begins with her getting a call about what looks like a double murder. We find out that a child has killed his parents and we’re trying to figure out not whodunit, but why. She calls Bill Pullman’s character and they embark together on a journey to figure out why this child committed this crime.”

The show, which she describes as “dark and scary but a lot of fun,” films in upstate New York. Paul said, “I’ve gotten to do a lot of things that I’ve never done before. Even playing law enforcement has been interesting since I’ve never done that before. It’s gonna be an interesting ride.” Last season starred Jessica Biel as an attractive young wife and Mom who suddenly stabs a man to death in front of dozens of beachgoers. Because the show resolved why she did it, Beale will not appear in this season although she is still a producer of the show.

If the first season is anything to judge by, the second season of “The Sinner” will offer a lot of complex characters in some twisted, awkward, shocking situations. The characters are the opposite of “what you see is what you get,” said Paul. “Heather has a lot of baggage which we’ll see in flashbacks. She is much more on the shy side. She is much more contained than you might think. She is a detective in training and she wants to make detective so she feels an enormous amount of pressure on her being a sore thumb in this town. She is the only person of color, she is also a lesbian, she also has a lot of her own secrets and her own personal cases that need to be resolved.” Paul, who grew up in a lot of situations where she was “the only,” brings her own personal experience to this role. She stated, “My experience in terms of going to PWI institutions, you definitely feel the eye is on you to represent well, and Heather feels that way.”