New Yorkers brace for MTA fare hikes…again

Stephon Johnson | 8/2/2018, 9:43 a.m.
Delays, signal problems and new lows in service. Seems like the perfect time to announce an increase in charges for ...
Subway trunstile Pixabay

When asked to comment on de Blasio’s remarks, a Cuomo representative pointed to a recent news conference where the governor didn’t budge from his belief of what City Hall should do. He told reporters that the city has to pay its fair share to improve services, citing the MTA Fast Forward plan and plans to fund it. Cuomo also wants to pass congestion pricing as a way to fund the plan.

“By law, New York City is obligated to pay the capital because they own it,” said Cuomo to reporters. “The MTA manages it for them. By law. Right? You look at an apartment. By law, the landlord has to make sure there’s heat and hot water. Well you’re the tenant. I know, but by law the landlord does the heat and hot water. The city, by law, has to pay. Now, well the city doesn’t want to pay, which is where we’ve been for the past few years. Fine. I offered in the Subway Action Plan, 50/50.”

Cuomo continued, “I said 50/50 to New York City. The city said no. It’s their legal obligation. I had to go to the legislature to get a law to force the city to pay. Plus, they have the full legal obligation. That’s the law.”

The MTA did not respond to requests for comment.